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10 Super Rare Weird Diseases

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When people think of strange and rare diseases, cancer is often the first disease that comes to mind. While cancer is a strange and intriguing disease, there are other diseases and disorders that make cancer seem like something of the norm. Nonetheless, the strangest diseases encompass a plethora of rare diseases, disorders, and syndromes that are extremely rare and blatantly weird.

1. Human Werewolf Disease


Who ever said werewolves were fake need to re-evaluate that statement. Although Human Werewolf Disease sufferers do not have other symptoms similar to fictional werewolf behavior, Human werewolf Disease sufferers mimic the appearance of fictional werewolf characters with excessive amounts of facial and body hair. The disease is not life threatening but it is extremely embarrassing and uncomfortable.

2. Pica Eating Disorder


Pica is a strange disorder that causes its sufferers to eat almost anything that is not food including chalk, hair, glue, dirt, wood, toilet tissue, and even plastic. The disease has been correlated to a mineral deficiency, however, this is not absolute.

3. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome


Alice in Wonderland Syndrome is a neurological disorder that affects perception. Only the brain’s perception of things is affected and not the eye’s function. In this disorder, objects, people, and even animals appear smaller than what they actually are.

4. Walking Corpse Syndrome/ Cotard’s Syndrome


Walking Corpse Syndrome, also called Cotard’s Syndrome, is an extremely perplexing mental disorder in which its sufferers have no concept of time or events. They believe that their body is completely empty without any organs or blood. They also believe that people around them are alive while they live among the dead.

5. Vampire Disease/ Cutaneous Porphyria Disease


Although Vampire Disease sufferers do not actually drink blood and sleep in coffins, they do have extreme reactions to the sun like their fictional counterparts. Vampire Disease sufferers blister, bleed, and experience extreme pain as soon as the sun touches their skin.

6. Exploding Head Syndrome- Parasomnia


Imagine falling asleep to only hear a loud explosion within your own head shortly thereafter. This is the pain, fear and trauma that Exploding head Syndrome sufferers experience. The explosion is not induced from dreaming but it thought to be related to stress and anxiety that is associated with post-traumatic stress disorders and anxiety disorders.

7. Flesh Eating Bacteria- Necrotizing Fasciitis


Necrotizing Fasciitis is a flesh eating disease that is related to a strain of strep bacteria. The bacteria eats away at soft tissue including cheeks, muscles tissue on the limbs, skin and can even eat away at the tissue inside of the body and cause cuts and bruises.

8. Hair Pulling Disorder- Trichotillomania


This disease is believed to be caused by an extreme imbalance in the brain between serotonin and norepinephrine commonly seen in depression and other mental illnesses. The disease causes people to rip hair from their head, eyebrows, beard, and even eyelashes and often times people eat the hair which can cause serious internal issues. Shown above is a pile of collected hair from someone’s stomach!

9. Capgras Syndrome


Capgras Syndrome is a severe mental disorder in which the mind tricks someone into believing that their friends or family members have an identical twin. Capgras Syndrome suffers have been reported to attack their loved ones thinking that he or she was actually an evil identical twin.

10. Progeria


The character, Benjamin Button, from the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was modeled after a similar disorder. However, instead of growing from old to younger, Progeria sufferers are born at a genetically older age and age even faster. The life expectancy is approximately 13 years. Children appear and feel older with physical ailments like osteoporosis, and balding with medical ailments including heart disease and arthritis. This disease currently on affects only 48 people in the entire world making it not only odd but also extremely rare.

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