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10 Weird Phobias That Actually Exist

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Phobias affect many people but often go undiscovered or untreated. Certain conditions create extreme reactions and unreasonable fear. The failure to understand the cause of aversion to a specific or general object is the worst part of a phobia. It causes symptoms like a panic attack, racing heart, difficulty speaking and nausea. Those symptoms make a person even more uncomfortable, adding to the anxiety. Genetics, life experiences and heredity most likely play a part in phobias as well. Check out these 10 weird phobias you might never have heard that actually exist.

1. Pediophobia

Dolls and puppets are part of a child’s life. Pediophobia interferes with every day activity. It is the fear of dolls, children, dummies or mannequins. Fortunately, it is one of the easier phobias to treat. Those who suffer from pediophobia avoid going to the mall or shopping for clothes to avoid encountering mannequins. Often they avoid visiting family and friends with children. Avoiding dolls is irrational and creates sorrow in children who want to show off their new doll or action figure. Those who suffer from pediophobia often live an isolated unhappy life.

2. Gamophobia

If you have ever heard about a runaway bride it might not be because she just had cold feet, but an actual phobia. Gamophobia is the fear of getting married.

3. Geliophobia

Geliophobia is the fear of smiling and laughter. Often caused by displeasure with the way the individual perceives himself when smiling or laughing, geliophobia affects a number of people. Dental problems, like crooked teeth or unsightly fillings, reinforce the tendency to keep the mouth closed. In a world of beautiful people, feeling less attractive can lead to extreme reactions. Coming across as cold and unfriendly is a better option than showing what the person considers ugly teeth, a boring smile, or a hideous laugh. The result is loneliness.

4. Tachophobia

Some fears are really limiting for people, as in the case of tachophobia. Anyone who suffers from this may be afraid of riding in cars, trains, boats, roller coasters, buses, or anything with speed.

5. Agoraphobia

If a person fears being alone or in a crowd and has a distinct dislike of elevators and flying, it may be due to agoraphobia. This is a fear of experiencing a panic attack when help and escape are difficult or impossible to get. With planes and elevators, confinement is reality. They have to land before the doors can open and the individual can get out and away. Imagine fear of being alone and having no help to being in a crowd and hard to reach when you need help. A tragic phobia, agoraphobia is treated as a medical condition.

6. Papyrophobia

A difficult phobia to avoid, papyrophobia causes anxiety and even fear in people who get near or even see paper. This may also include newspaper, cardboard, birthday cards, banners, or floating paper like trash on the streets.

7. Graphophobia

The term for constant fear of and distaste for writing and handwriting is graphophobia. Symptoms are possibly the result of constant criticism for making letters incorrectly or for having writing ignored while the work of others drew laud and honor.

8. Consecotaleophobia

There are fears for many inanimate objects, such as the fear of chopsticks, known as consecotaleophobia. Most likely, there was an occasion that surprised or frightened a person when chopsticks were part of the scene. A dream, movie or actual event, such as trying to learn to use chopsticks, can build to identify the chopsticks as something dangerous.

9. Spectrophobia

If you have ever seen a horror movie or heard the old myths about looking at yourself in the mirror and saying a certain phrase 3 times you might understand this phobia. The individuals afflicted with spectrophobia are too afraid to look at their own reflection in a mirror and have an intense fear of mirrors. It is often attributed to the fear of self-knowledge or as a symptom of denial of traumatic events.

10. Ablutophobia

A really terrible phobia, ablutophobia is the fear of washing or bathing which means that even if the person is aware that he/she smells they are too afraid to clean themselves.

The list of phobias is long. Because they cause extremely intense reactions, both psychological and physical, phobias affect the ability to carry on with day-to-day activities like work and social get-togethers. Fortunately, most can be treated and vanquished with therapy but it takes time and a great deal of understanding for those around the ones with phobias.

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