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15 Hilariously Awkward Photos You Have to Look Twice At

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Awe, the memories of times past. Most people love to look at photos of trips, vacations, family moments, and even classic selfies. Sometimes though when you look back on the photo you notice something amazing, awkward, or just plain wrong with your picture. These photos below are hilariously awkward photos taken at just the right time!

1. The Super Long Woman

11111This photo is hilarious as it looks like the lady has a super extended torso or something!

2. The Lady Man

2221So much wrong with this photo from a giant head to a tiny lady body. Looks just like the head belongs right on those short legs.

3. Exit Only!

perfectly-timed-photos-wildammo-39This not only looks painful but completely ridiculous! This is kind of what it feels like to give birth.

4. Baby got Butt… and long legs

hqdefaultHa! Seriously taken at the wrong time… you need to stare at this pic for a while before you can actually figure it out.

5. The Prostate Exam

e31ec3f6a0abe09aa35a652e0fb33b2bThis picture is ridiculously awful! An action shot taken at the worst possible time. You can really feel how that guy is doing, his face is so expressive.

6. The No headed Man

Trippy-Photos-—-12Crossing the street must be extra challenging if you are missing your head! Perhaps he is just bent over or looking down? Or maybe he just has a tiny head! Either way, this photo is awesome.

7. The Super Long Legged Man

Trippy-Photos-—-6-658x437You have to look at this image a number of times to try to understand what is going on here. Perhaps he is just a very tall man or maybe there is another explanation.

8. The Super Giant

333Be careful when you throw that penny into the fountain and make a wish… it might just come true!

9. The Horse Hair Lady

confusingThis is such a confusing picture to try and understand! Its a woman standing behind a horse  but which part is horse, which part is woman?

10. The Foot Handed Woman

foot-handDoes this woman have three feet or a foot for a hand? She must be awesome at kick ball right?

11. The Ferret Lady

083I cant tell if she is happy or viciously angry here… or maybe she is just yawning!

12. The Stork Making His Delivery

023A sweet little delivery from the friendly stork.

13. Bees Attack!

(13)Giant bees attack the world! This man must be screaming at the top of his lungs to warn the rest of us tiny people.

14. The Baby Man

perfectly-timed-photos-022You really have to stare at this picture to try and understand what is going on! It looks like a big baby man being carried around the lake.

15. The Cat Man

cat“Me is big and strong… Meow.” Ladies… love me! I am hot! Ha!!! I can’t stop laughing at this hilarious picture.

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