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21 Ninja Cats That Are More Skilled Than The Real Deal

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On the this special day of the Ninja, we bring you some hilariously awesome ninja cat photos in which these cats are most definitely far ahead of real ninjas, ninjagos, and all those talented kung fu master types. Besides… who can play ninja better than a cat?? Really, I dare you not to laugh hysterically at these cat pics. Makes me wish I could hear what cats are thinking quite often and really makes you wonder how calculated and sneaky these little guys really can be. Man’s best friend has supposedly always been a dog, but I am betting you wish you a had cat that could do some of these ridiculously sneaky moves.

1. The Ninja Cat Who Clearly Knows How TO Blend In

ninja-cats-2-16__605“No one will find me hiding here… and when my owner comes near I will attack his leg with all my force.”

2. The Invisible Ninja Cat

ninja-cats-2-4__605Once this cat shuts it’s eyes he will be completely hidden from view. Cleaver kitty… we are on to you.

3. The Ninja Cat Bubble Attacker

soap-bubble-vs-ninja-cat-e1432857463647“Swipe” and “Pop!” This cat is having way too much fun practicing his ninja moves on innocent bubbles floating around.

4. The Ninja Cat Secret Move

calico-ninja-catThis cat is clearly coming to smack you right in the face with both foot and right paw. Run… run away fast.

5. The Ninja Cat Straight Out Attack

ninja_cats_26This cat is clearly trying to teach this new puppy a few things about life. #1- don’t mess with the kitty or not only will he do his ninja style moves on you but will fiercely bite the crap out of you!

6. The Ninja Cat Battle

flying-ninja-cats-snapshotThis isn’t going to end well for any cat…

7. The Ninja Cat Hides… and Hangs

pisica_ninja2“The dog will never spot me way up here. Just stay completely still until he is gone and no one will ever know.”

8. The Micro Ninja Cat In Training

acrobat-kitty-cats-cute-985-1920x1200__605Just starting out with some tiny ninja moves. Practice makes perfect right?

9. The Ninja Cat Attack

ninja-cat-hiding-funny-102__605The sideways flying ninja move is the most deadly of all ninja cat moves. Beware.

10. The Hiding Ninja From Above

ninja-cat-hiding-funny-9__605It may take a few moments for this one to register. Either way, this cat is clearly hiding from something he has done or waiting for the right moment to make his break away. Or perhaps he is just laying in wait for his next unsuspecting victim and coffee lover.

11. The Ninja Cat Blending In To It’s Environment

ninja-cat-hiding-funny-32__605“Just waiting hear until they are ready to wash their hands. That’s when I will attack, This is my spot and I will defend it to the death!”

12. The Master Ninja Cat In Hidding

ninja-cat-hiding-funny-103__605This cat has practiced finding all the right hiding spots. This one works wonderfully for him. He is unnoticeable and yet he has the best advantage point of all time! Seriously creepy right?

13. The Upside Down Yoga Practicing Ninja Cat

ninja-cat-hiding-funny-49__605The Yogi Ninja? This cat has some serious skills and really, I cant even tell whats going on there. He definitely has found his spot in the home where he will never be seen and can drop down on any unsuspecting person at a moments notice. My only question is… will he come down butt first?

14. The Ninja Cat Side Smack

ninja-cat-hiding-funny-105__605I can’t stop laughing at this hilarious picture. You know the dog was running by and pissed off Mr. Kitty, so he went full on ninja cat mode on this dog!!! “Smack!! Straight to the head!”

15. The Ultimate Ninja Cat Stance

84613018This cat has the best moves of any cat, person, ninja… I have ever seen!! He is clearly waiting for his victim to walk by. I would not want to mess with this cat… ever… in my entire life. Just never!

16. The Little Ninja Kitty In Training

84613010This kitty maybe be small by she has some crazy ninja skills. Her teacher is testing her skills… watch out!

17. The Hammock Ninja Cat Approach

84613007“I like to hang from the door- it gives me the advantage over everyone. Don’t even dare think about walking under here.”

18. The Ninja Cat Wall Climber

ninja-cats-3This cat is way too high to accurately attack her victim but she clearly has all the ninja skill you could ask for. I think she is going for the kamikaze ninja move. Just all out wall climber until she finds something to jump or go splat on!

19. The Flying Squirrel Ninja Move

ninja-cats-18Soaring through the air is not something we commonly think cats do, but this cat has this skill mastered! Look out below!

20. The Sleeping Ninja Cat

ninja-cats-24This cat is either taking a quick cat nap or waiting to attack its owner when he puts his head down for the night.

21. The Ninja Cat Shows Off His Moves

ninja-cats-29“Watch out you fluffy dog! I am here to teach you a lesson that you won’t soon forget” I don’t think he did…

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