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Busted! Guilty Animals Caught in the Act

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If you are a pet parent… or even just a fan of pets, these hilarious busted photos will give you a good laugh! We all know that when we walk in the door and aren’t greeted by that happy face and waging tail, we know we are in for some serious busted time. They either got into the garbage, chewed up the couch, ate the goldfish, or destroyed our favorite pair of shoes. And the look of shame is just too much for us! These photos are of some fabulous pets getting caught in the act and I guarantee you can relate to at least one or two!

How on Earth did this little girl get up there? She looks like she is just about to pounce on someone or something!

Apparently he needed to be fully encased in the sofa to be comfy. Hey, we all have days were we want to hid in the sofa cushions.

I could watch this one 100 times!! Bwahahaha!! “You saw Nothing…I wasn’t taking anything out, nope!”

I hope there isn’t any food in there…ack! I wonder if he’s testing it out for a nice napping spot.

“Just trying to get comfy.” Ha! I don’t know if this poor guy is stuck or just hanging… literally!

Yeah, you can’t hide the fact that you were the one getting into the kitchen garbage! Poor guy just has to sit there and take it… err, wear it.

“Steak… I NEEEED steak. Back away… leave me be!”

Sneaky little cat. “Just looking for an ice cube” right?

“But mom, he was being mean to me!” And they always thought it was the cats fault.

He knows he is so busted. Even Buddha is keeping an eye on him.

This puppy looks like he was having a blast playing with all that toilet paper. If you have little kids in the house, this might be a tricky one to figure out, but this puppy clearly got busted!

“What, it was a giant hanging wall of string!” This poor hammock or whatever it is will most definitely never be the same again.

I have heard of cats clawing the outside of the couch but not actually making holes to go inside of it! He had a secret hideaway that has totally been exposed.

This dog hates couponing. Really, he does. Every single page… shredded. He only looks a little guilty right?

This photo cracks me up!! His face is so hysterical! Is he trying to pick pocket from the purse? Steal something? Or was he just totally busted for being up on the couch. Either way, he knows he has done something wrong!!

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