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Most Extreme Contortionist Photos Ever

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Contortion (sometimes contortion-ism) is an unusual form of acrobatic display which involves the extreme bending and flexing of the human body. Contortion is often part of a circus act or other artistic performance. Some contortionist perform everyday, while other just enjoy having the flexibility that allows them to squeeze into tight places- literally. In general, contortionists have unusual natural flexibility, which is then enhanced through gymnastic training. Contortionist can be any gender, any age, any race, and any size. Just check out some of the most extreme contortionist photos ever.

Zlata Russian Extreme contortionist. “I can read your mind right now too….”


Old school advertisement for the typewriter. Extreme and productive!


Melissa Miller, an extreme contortionist


Crazy young kid with some serious skills


Ok, so this picture is photo shopped… but it makes my laugh thinking about my ex boss!


This photo is of a young Asian gymnast… can you tell which end is up?


Matt Alaeddine, the physically largest contortionist


A Group of Contortionist Performers

Group Contortionists

The Snake Lady as she is called is one of one the most extreme contortionists in the world, performing in the circus Afrika! Afrika!


Check out this amazing video of her performance:

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  • […] * Myth 2: “Double-jointed” people have more joints than most people do. — Every fully-formed person has exactly the same number of joints. “Double-jointed” is just a slang expression used to describe the appearance of a person who can bend much further than one might think a joint would allow a limb to bend. In spite of the origin of the word, it is a perfectly acceptable expression to describe a person who is hypermobile. Check out some more fully flexible folks-  the most extreme contortionists photos ever. […]

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