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Don’t Do This To Yourself- Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong!

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plastic-surgery-18-292x300“What were they thinking?” This is a very common question when we see a celebrity who has ruined their face with plastic surgery. Or, another question might be “Does this person have a mirror?”, or “Does this person have friends who can talk to them about this?” In any case, with the celebrity media coverage being what it is, we can’t help but to encounter horrible, bad, tasteless, obvious plastic surgery gone wrong. There are some tell-tale signs when a person has had plastic surgery, especially bad plastic surgery. Here is a look at a variety of bad plastic surgery gone wrong victims. That is, what exactly makes these plastic surgeries so darned bad:

Breast augmentation:

These are otherwise known as breast enlargements. Ideally, breasts should look natural, even if they are being enlarged. Of course, people can always tell when there is bad plastic surgery going on. They can tell when a women’s breasts are sitting up too high, or if she goes from nothing to bombshell overnight. The worst is when a celebrity tries to insult the intelligence of their fans and deny that they’ve had any plastic surgery at all. This is the worst thing that they can do. Again, the telltale sign of bad plastic surgery is when even the blind can tell that you’ve had plastic surgery.

Tori Spelling Botched Boob Job


Victoria Beckham Fake Boobs


Lip enhancement:

If you have ever heard of the phrase “trout pout”, then you are very familiar with lip enhancements gone very, very, wrong. The worst offenders tend to be women who go from a very thin lip, to lips that look as if they’ve been punched. Lip enhancements are meant to create a lip that is very sensual, but the lips should be enlarged to scale. This means that the patient and the doctor have to take into account the bone structure of the face, the face shape, the nose, and how the lip presently looks. There is nothing attractive about lips that look like wax candy.

Michaela Romanini Lip Enhancement


Donatella Versace Big Lips


Nicole Kidman Trout Pout


Nose Jobs:

There are some nose jobs that are tastefully done and that are barely
noticeable. These are what nose jobs should look like. Then again, there are nose jobs that are drastically different, yet still are tasteful. On the other hand, there are celebrities who have landed in the bad nose job hall of shame. The signs of a horrible nose job, are nose bridges that are too pinched, nose bulbs that are too upturned like a leprechaun, or the worst of the worst, nostrils that are shaped like perfect triangles. While some nostrils are more open then others, there are no nostrils that are naturally shaped in a perfect symetrical triangle.
Latoya Jackson Shrinking Nose



Botox has been on the market for a bit, and many doctors have perfected the technique a lot more. However, there was a time where celebrities routinely looked like Jack-O-Laterns. It’s very disturbing to see someone laughing hard, and their eyebrows never move an inch. They developed lines around the tops of their noses, because the skin would stretch in an attempt to move.

Mickey Rourke Plastic Smile


Joanne Rivers Botox Face


Carrot Tops Creepy Grin



Signs of plastic surgery gone wrong, when it comes to lipsuction, is when the skin hangs in a very flabby manner. Some celebrities have had so much liposuction, that their skin hangs from the loss of water, natural fat, and the loss of tone. The skin looks like long pieces of crepe paper hanging on for dear life.

Tara Reid Liposuction Disaster


Plastic surgery in of itself isn’t bad. It just needs to be performed by someone with a great track record of making their patients looking awesome. It does the patient no good to use cut-rate surgeons. It just lands them in the plastic surgery hall of shame.

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