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Top 13 Painful Beauty Processes Women Put Themselves Through

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The word “ouch” is a word that the average woman wouldn’t associate with her beauty treatments. But some of the most common beauty treatments hurt, which lends to the old quote about paying for one’s beauty. However, although these treatments can produce varying levels of pain, women will endure the pain, in order to achieve the beauty that they need, and desire. So, here’s a look at 10 of the most common beauty treatments, and the beautiful pain that they inflict upon the brave souls who endure them:

1. Plucking Eyebrows

Who doesn’t love the sting of the tweezers, extracting strands of hair, bit by bit? Who doesn’t love it when those tiny stray hairs just won’t pluck out, and they to keep picking, and plucking away at the flesh above their eyes? Then when it’s all said and done, they are left with a lovely red mark for the next day or so. But the results are worth it to just about all women.

2. Hair Waxing

Different body parts that get waxed might hurt more than others. However, most women don’t love the idea of their most delicate body parts being pulled at. And sometimes, the hot wax burns the skin. But most women brave it out, to get rid of that bothersome hair, for weeks at a time.

3. Hair Bleaching

Everyone knows that when they want to achieve that platinum blond look, that they have to endure the stinging, burning sensation of hair bleach on their scalp or face. Any hair dresser will attest to this fact. However, once women go blonde, they don’t go back. So, they are willing to endure the burn, to get to the blonde.

4. Botox

Every woman wants to avoid wrinkles, but getting a shot in the face to stop muscle movement is definitely not a fun one. Most women require multiple shots of botox to achieve the desired state- somewhere between frozen face and natural enough. Many times, this requires over 25 slightly or moderately painful needle pokes to the face.

5. Hair Relaxers

Women with ethnic hair know that in order to get the silky straight hair that they desire, they have to put up with the burn that comes from the hair relaxer literally burning their hair straight. But they are willing to put up with up to a half hour of the burn, so that they can have straight hair permanently. They then get to enjoy the pain every six weeks, when they get touch ups.

6. Facials

I swear when we tell men we are going to the spa for a facial they envision us laying around getting warm towels and roses placed on our faces. Nope! A facial can be very painful depending of the options chosen. Extractions, acid peels, and scrubs can be very painful but result in beauty afterward. The price to pay for beauty right?!

7. Facial Hair Remover

Woman bleaching facial hair

Woman bleaching facial hair

Any woman who has ever had to endure the burn, and the rash that comes from leaving the hair remover on too long, already knows that this can be painful. But the temporary pain of burning off their facial hair is worth erasing the pain and the embarrassment of wearing a mustache!

8. Workouts

Yes, this can be considered a painful beauty treatment, especially when someone is starting out a heavy duty workout for the first time. However, it’s always worth it when a new sexy body develops.

9. Tattoo Removal

Thanks to new technology, tattoo removal is possible. However, it takes many sessions to get rid of the tattoo, and its done with laser beams. Many women say that it hurts to get it removed, but when the tattoo has to go, they’ll put up with it.

10. Piercings

Many women consider getting piercings as part of their beauty. But everybody knows that piercings hurt! But piercings can be addictive to many, and so they come to love the pain.

11. Hair Blowouts With A Brush

Many women love getting a professional blowout. But what they hate, is the pulling and yanking that comes with the brush straightening their hair. Add that to the heat of the blowdryer, and a woman could almost earn a medal of bravery from just getting her hair blown out!

12. Shaving

When a woman shaves the hair on her body, it shouldn’t hurt. Having said this, everybody has knicked themselves at least once! The knicks heal, and the hair must be shaved off!

13. Teeth Bleaching

Although this is a safe process, many people have reported that their experience pain in their nerve endings. But in order to get that neon-white smile, many women bare up to the pain.

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